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Kathie Dior is an Indiana University graduate and former medical doctor educated at the Université de Paris, France. She attended the Sorbonne in Paris and received a Certificat de Phonétique Appliquée à la Langue Française. After having lived and worked in Paris for thirteen years, she has become a teacher and writer using her life experiences in the creation of The Twisted Doors series. Her books, Les portes tordues, and Las puertas retorcidas are being used to teach French and Spanish at the Purdue University Gifted Education Resource Institute in West Lafayette, Indiana. Her newly released English-as-a-Second-Language textbook, The Twisted Doors, is based on her experience as an international student in France, and as a mom, who had to vigorously tutor her French-speaking son for years in the US: his school had no instruction at that time for English-language learners.

Kathie Dior's book signing at Barnes and Noble

Kathie Dior (center) signing her books, Les portes tordues
and Las puertas retorcidas, at Barnes & Noble, October 20, 2004, in
Lafayette, Indiana. Left is Sherry Bragg, Purdue University Gifted
Education Coordinator, and right, Julianna Bragg, student.

Dr. Servanne Woodward

Servanne Woodward, Ph.D.

Les portes tordues was edited by Dr. Servanne Woodward, Ph.D., native French speaker and holder of a Ph.D. in French from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Woodward is currently an associate professor of French at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and is a world-renowned specialist in Eighteenth-Century French and professor for Ph.D. candidates. Professor Woodward has donated the following intermediate French link for your enjoyment. Click the link "Liste de textes." If the videos are still present, do not miss them! Also her colleague, Professor Nadine de Moras, has generously donated a link to her extensive French intermediate exercises page.

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LES PORTES TORDUES (The Twisted Doors):
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THE TWISTED DOORS: The Scariest Way in the World to Learn English!
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